Baux Mountain Baptist Church

Prayer List

Matthew 21:22 "All things, whatsoever ye shall 

ask in prayer believing, ye shall receive."


Bro. Ernest Hutchings Ricky Tuttle
Becky Bullins Stephanie Hopper ( Lupus)
Wade Collins Lorene Holley (special prayer)
Morgan Roberts & family Peggy Beamon (Stage 4 cancer)
Jamie Rose Burnette Lenny Williams (Prostate cancer)
Warren Still Warren Elliot (Teresa White's brother)
Kent Jamie (new job 1st shift) David Lambert (Hodkins disease)
Lorene Parrish's brother Helen Chrisom (stroke & fractured hip)
Bobby Smith (health) Paul Davis (Salvation & hip Transplant)
Sylvia & Lou Bryant Jane Lawson (Gaye Morefield's aunt)
Tilley family Bruce Slate
Christy Bruce Cheryl Leinbeck
Sylvia Blankenship Dennis Mabe & family
Margie Ziglar Tom & Lorene Stewart
Samantha Boles 
(12 year old had tumor removed)
Kenny Hairston's 9 month old son 
(health complications)
William & Chastity Bullins Family and lost loved ones Sarah Brady ( Family members have cancer
Joanne Williams ( Liver cancer) Mike & Linda Smith
Roger Smith (salvation) Gary & Susie Smith
Matt Hamby's family Joey Tilley's Aunt Louise
Roscoe & Gail Smith (health) Glenn Home
KJ & Trish Jamie Johnny Flenchum (cancer)
Laura Brim (broke hip) Todd & Joshua Hannock
Calvin & Avalee Hutchings Jason Williams
Doug White ( car wreck) Sandra Corns
Geraldine Goff Bill Hicks (Diabetes, Hospice)
Ruth Kasuboski Michael Beck
Tracie Creason (Dad & family) Lilly Mae (Eyesight)
Stephanie Smith Mr. Booe (Heart problems)
Anita Burroughs Mabe (Cancer) Darrell Adams
James Holland ( Cancer) Pansy Boggs Webster (Cancer)
Annette Tesh's Mother (Ruth Tesh) Elsie Warren ( Possible Leukemia)
Donald, Lisa & Kayla Duggins 
( Special Request)
Janice Brim (William Bullin's Mother)
Blanche Dwiggins ( Father & family) James Manuel (Intensive care, heart)
Grace Kiger (Cancer) Glenn & Virginia Lawson
Kim Baylor (surgery- tumors in head) Wendy ( having tests run)
Austin Manring 5 yrs. old ( Parents, Wesley & Christy) Albert Hairston (Heart bypass surgery)
Timothy Johnson Travis Cook
Donald White Lorena Corns
Tishia Slate Brenda Cook
The Holmes family Elisha Cox
Lori Vawlter Bill Hicks
Gary Neal's mother & family Theatis Lucas (Stroke)
Patricia Holt Helen Ray (Health)
Marilyn Comstock (Brain tumor) Debra Clay
Tonya Bailey Lori Bush
Michael Goff Maxine Shelton
Mary Cummings Donnie Boggs (In Intensive Care)
Grandma Paula Dora Paula









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